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reflecting on the design->fabrication experience


July 09 2017

oddTimes in blue

oddTimes on the way to the realworld!

February 27 2017

oddTimes selfetched proto

This is our selfetched Prototype of oddTimes.
The fabbed pcb version is in the pipe :)

February 25 2017

attention disorder


February 24 2017

tour de force

February 23 2017

Lexnitz sessions #1


February 13 2017

landscapes v1 assembled!

and it looks awesome !

February 13 2017

breadboard PSU

breadboard PSU is the result of our demand for a compact +/- 12 V and 5V Power-Supply solution for prototyping analog synth circuitry.



January 25 2017


first concept rendering:

cycles concept rendering










Cycles is a powerful but easy to play performance sequencer with 16 tracks.

January 25 2017










landscapes is a musical pattern generator.
It invites you to literally evolve musical structures out of either random sequences or musical data you tap into the device.



November 24 2016










oddTimes is an advanced phrasing device.
It allows immediate and intuitive creation of musical phrases with non-trivial time divisions on top of incoming clock reference



November 19 2016

MSP430 development

Development with MSP430 from TI
links and stuff

November 19 2016

STM32 development

STM32 links, datasheets, references etc.

November 19 2016

ST-Nucleo Infos

Info About Nucleo/STM32 dev Hardware 

March 15 2016

capSense proto boards

inhouse etched capacitive sensing test boards

March 14 2016