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oddTimes is an advanced phrasing device.
It allows immediate and intuitive creation of musical phrases with non-trivial time divisions on top of incoming clock reference.

Or to explain the same simply:
it is an eight step sequencer, where timing is as flexible as the control voltage.

Eight energy values can be freely arranged in a timely progression using eight corresponding time faders.
In various modes of operation the time faders act differently, inviting playful experimentation as well as precise articulation of sequenced musical events.

oddTimes offers two control voltage outputs and two gate outputs, which allows using it as a standard sequencer.
With addition of control voltage input, which can be processed by each step and extensive interpolation possibilities, oddTimes becomes an extremely capable function generator or even sequenced signal processor.

Rhythmic information can be easily assigned to both of the gate outputs.
The exact way how these behave depends strongly on the current mode of operation, but is is always possible to repeat gate pulses up to eight times, and to adjust gate length settings per output.


Our intention here is to provide as much variation but as well precision with limited number of controls as possible. Therefore all the information concerning oddTimes operation is visible at a glance on its surface, encoded in rainbow light colors.



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The OddTimes development is funded by the Austria Wirtschafts Service



November 19 2016


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